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External Monitoring

External Outcome Monitoring and Social Audits on behalf of the NPTF

The scope of this external monitoring is to assess outcomes and effects of NPTF supported projects so far implemented during its first phase in meeting the goals and objectives of NPTF. The first phase of outcome monitoring (April - October 2011) is complete.

The main objectives of this external monitoring are to:

  • Assess the outcomes of NPTF projects in Phase I.
  • Identify outcome indicators for the second phase of NPTF.
  • Generate a set of strategic recommendations to strengthen the implementation of second phase of NPTF in 2010-2012.
  • Conduct independent social auditing as a tool to receive feedback from project beneficiaries in the project outputs and outcomes.


 Reports to download:

(External Monitoring of NPTF by "Scott Wilson Nepal Pvt. Ltd.", based on current NPTF M&E Framework)

(External Monitoring of NPTF by "Scott Wilson Nepal Pvt. Ltd.")