Government of Nepal

Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction

Nepal Peace Trust Fund

"शान्ति र विकास : हाम्रो अधिकार"


Organizational Overview

The overall goal of the NTPF is to support the implementation of theComprehensive Peace Accord (CPA) and subsequent peace agreements. It is mandated to,

  1. Function as a coordinating body for peace related initiatives,
  2. Act as a funding mechanism for Government of Nepal (GoN) and donor resources, and
  3. Monitor the peace process.

The original mandate was discussed during the formulation of the strategy for NPTF Phase III and it was agreed that the NPTF would work within the agreed focus areas (below) if not otherwise agreed with the Board and donors. According to the NPTF Strategy (2014-2017), while it has the primary responsibility in financing peace-related activities within the agreed areas of comparative advantage, it is the Ministry of Peace and Reconstruction (MoPR) that is mainlyresponsible for coordinating and monitoring the peace process, while the NPTF will support the ministry in this process and serve as an instrument for coordination.

According to the Strategy (2014-2017) the overall goal of the NPTF to work towards “a sustainable peace process in Nepal through effective implementation of the CPA and subsequent peace agreements.” The intervention logic is as follows:

Overall Goal: A sustainable peace process in Nepal through effective implementation of the CPA and subsequent peace agreements.

Intermediate Goal 1

Conflict affected peoples(CAPs) are supported in their recovery and social and economic integration.

Objective 1.1

CAPs, and in particular, especially vulnerable groups have received adequate targeted support, and the CAPs who need continued support have been incorporated under regular government programs.

Intermediate Goal 2

Transitional Justice (TJ) and reconciliation agenda have started moving and important TJ and Reconciliation initiatives parallel to the TRC and Commission for Disappeared Persons (CoPD) process have supported victims with possibilities to tell their stories, present their cases, etc.

Objective 2.1

Transitional Justice and Reconciliation activities including NAP-related contribute to moving the TJ and reconciliation agenda and to preparations of the more substantial work on TJ.

Intermediate Goal 3

People – primarily in conflict-affected areas - benefit from improved security and security sector reform.

Objective 3.1

Better local security through policing services and security sector reform and security for citizens, including through reconstruction of Police Units and improved mine awareness especially among children.

Intermediate Goal 4

Contribute substantially to the consolidation and finalization of the political dimension of the peace process through support to the Constitution making, elections and local peace related initiatives.

Objective 4.1

The democratic process in Nepal consolidated through support to local and state elections and election related activities.

Objective 4.2

The Constituent Assembly completes its work and a new constitution is consulted securing broad popular support.

Objective 4.3

National and local peace building initiatives contribute significantly to the peace process, primarily at local level.