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"शान्ति र विकास : हाम्रो अधिकार"


Joint Review

Joint Government-Donor Review of NPTF

During February 2010, the first independent review of Nepal’s Peace Trust Fund (NPTF) was commissioned by the Government of Nepal and the Donor Advisory Group (DAG) of contributing donors in accordance with the provisions of the Joint Financing Arrangement (JFA) for the NPTF.


The purpose of the review was to take a strategic look at the achievements of the NPTF as well as assess and evaluate the NPTF results and the peace building impacts to which it has contributed.

Following the positive experiences of the first review, a second review has started from 27 Feb 2011. The report contains recommendations on NPTF future existence, it can be downloaded here.

             Review Report, April 2012